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Injury Lawyers Battle Insurance Companies For Larger Settlements

If you’ve been a victim of a car accident that happened due to the negligence of the other driver, you’re entitled to more in compensation than you think. Having a personal injury lawyer assess the extent of your pain and trauma will allow you to push for a bigger settlement claim that covers both your medical expenses and lost wages. Recovering from a severe accident may involve a lot of suffering, but having a good injury lawyer or firm by your side might make it worthwhile.

What’s wrong with insurance companies?

Liability insurance carriers handle most personal injury claims, such as car accidents, medical malpractice claims, construction accidents, defective product claims, etc. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows because insurance companies often try their best to avoid paying injury claims. Don’t believe us? Do a bit of research on the number of lawsuits filed every year against insurance companies, you’ll be convinced for sure after seeing the data.

Insurance companies employ every trick in the book to deny your claims or offer a significantly lower amount than what you deserve. They do that by blaming the victim, dragging out a case for no apparent reason, minimizing the injuries you suffered, offering a quick settlement, and many more. If an insurance company contacts you after the accident, it’s crucial that you don’t give up too much information or accept the first settlement offer.

How do injury lawyers get more money from insurance companies?

Personal injury lawyers get more in compensation– that’s a fact, but if you’re wondering how they do it, you’ll learn about it here. The insurance company’s intention is to pay you as little as possible, so they need to be shown undeniable proof of the extent of your damages. An attorney with years of experience knows how to collect that proof and present it to the insurance company.

  1. Holding the insurance company accountable

If you want to get money from an insurance company, the first step would be to prove they are financially liable. Your personal injury lawyer will first attempt to show that their insured client (the at-fault party) was indeed reckless or negligent because of which the accident happened. They’ll then refer to the insurance policy that lays out terms and conditions for accidents caused by such negligent behavior.

Decoding “legal speak” is not easy, and unless your attorney does it meticulously, there’ll always be a chance of the insurance company exploiting a loophole. Once the insurance policy has been reviewed, you’ll know the policy limit and coverage types the at-fault party has. Based on that, your lawyer would be able to state the maximum amount the insurance carrier will be liable to pay.

  1. Negotiating with the insurance company

You can be sure that the insurance company won’t give out money that easily; otherwise, there wouldn’t have been any need to hire an attorney. Anyway, to arrive at the final settlement amount, your attorney will factor in the costs of medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and other future losses. The insurance provider may deny the first time around and offer a lower settlement, but that’s how negotiations go.

If the insurance company refuses to negotiate entirely, the lawyer will threaten to file a personal injury lawsuit to show that you mean business. More often than not, insurance companies will do anything to avoid a lawsuit, as it means increased pressure and the risk of losing more money. They’ll likely want to settle after hearing about the lawsuit; it is here that your attorney will negotiate as much as possible to get you the maximum amount.

Things you must absolutely avoid doing

  1. Delaying medical care

This is one of the worst things an accident victim can do, which can not only have terrible consequences on your health but also on how your injury claim is treated. Even if you are fine after a car collision and ‘think’ that you didn’t sustain injuries, it could be because of a sudden shock to your system due to the excess flow of adrenaline. Sometimes, injuries take hours or a few days to present symptoms, so don’t delay your initial medical checkup.

Also, without prompt medical care, the insurance company gets an excuse to argue against your claim by saying the collision didn’t cause your injury. They’ll argue that in case of a real injury, a person would seek medical treatment immediately. So, don’t wait; see a doctor as soon as possible and ensure all your injuries are treated and documented.

  1. Taking the first offer

As tempting as a quick settlement for a seemingly good compensation may sound, resist the urge because you deserve a lot more. Insurance companies will often contact you first, expressing sympathy and offering to help, but don’t fall into their trap. It’s the insurance adjuster’s job to appear friendly, get confidential details, and eventually make you accept their offer. With a lawyer, it shouldn’t take long before you see how they change the way they communicate with you.

  1. Get convinced that you can’t afford an attorney

In any of your communications with the claims adjuster, they may try to convince you by saying you can’t afford an attorney or hiring them is a waste of time. Please don’t listen to them because it’s a common insurance tactic. You’d be relieved to know that most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you don’t have to pay anything to get legal representation. Your attorney will only charge you after they’ve been able to recover a decent settlement claim.

Hire your personal injury lawyer without delay

Insurance companies will never tell you the actual value of your claim and quote thousands of dollars less than what it’s worth. With an attorney, you can avoid running into such problems because they know how to increase the damages available for your injury claim. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will help you avoid common mistakes that most accident victims make when handling their claims. Don’t be one of them.