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15 Reasons You Might Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

Facing a car accident of any kind can be tragic and traumatic. And if you or someone you know has recently been injured in a car accident, you’re probably wondering what your options are. Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should hire an Evansville personal injury lawyer or not.

Personal injury lawyers know the law. They have experience working with the aftermath of an injury and will be able to guide you and help you get the compensation you deserve. Not convinced yet? Check out these 15 reasons you might need a lawyer for a personal injury case.

  1. They Know the Law

How familiar are you with the law? The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert. That's what a lawyer is for. They know the law, they know your options, and they can help you understand both.

  1. Assistance with Necessary Documentation

There can be a lot of details and documentation needed, particularly if you want compensation for your case. This includes the following:

  • Medical records
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Police reports

A lawyer can help you get the necessary documentation.

  1. Kick Out Stress

You aren’t in this alone, and sometimes that is the biggest advantage of working with a personal injury lawyer. It can be stressful to deal with insurance companies or figure out what you need and the steps to follow. But you are not alone.

  1. Evidence

Your case is going to need evidence. This may include medical history, police reports, pictures, and witness statements. There will be a process to locate evidence and compile it to create a case, but your lawyer will be there to help.

  1. Document Injuries and Treatment

If you experienced an injury, you’re going to have clear diagnoses, treatment, and planned treatment for the future. Always make sure you are following medical recommendations and attending your appointments. Your lawyer can help you document treatment and injuries and obtain proof as well.

  1. Uninsured?

Uninsured situations do happen and when they do, you need a lawyer more than ever. In an uninsured scenario, they can still help you get coverage, treatment, and help where you need it.

  1. Recover Compensation

Oftentimes, you have no idea what is available to you. You’re just worried about missing work and the medical bills piling up. But a personal injury lawyer can help you seek all available resources, including every possible recovery option for your case.

  1. Avoid Pitfalls

Personal injury cases can be challenging to navigate. There are steps to take and it’s easy to fall victim to a pitfall. But a lawyer can help you navigate the path and keep you away from those pitfalls.

  1. Present the Claim

You can’t just stomp your feet and make demands. Throwing a fit or getting angry often solves nothing. You need help presenting your case in a legal way, with all of the proper documentation, and accompanied by a specific demand. That’s exactly what a lawyer does for you.

  1. Expert Witnesses

There are witnesses at the scene and witnesses who may have seen how this accident affected you. But there are also expert witnesses, which may include engineers, therapists, medical doctors, and other field experts who can be brought in to help your case. A lawyer can help locate any necessary expert witness.

  1. Negotiations

In some cases, such as workers comp claims, unpaid medical providers, or medical subrogation, there will be negotiation requirements to help get you or your expenses paid. If there are liens and challenges to the process, a lawyer can help.

  1. Take It to Court

If the appropriate parties will not settle with your claim, then it can go to court. While this is a longer process, a lawyer can help you through it.

  1. Litigation

When litigation is required, a lawyer can handle it. This includes the need for things like discovery, mediation, motion practice, and even a jury trial. There are many stages in the litigation process.

  1. Hold Out on Payment

In most cases, these lawyers don’t require a retainer or any major fees upfront. Instead, you will sign an agreement with them that if they win, they receive a fee out of that compensation. This gives them incentive to really fight for your case, as they aren’t going to get paid if you don’t.

  1. Take on Advance Expenses

Not only does a lawyer not require upfront payment from you in this case, but they are also doing a lot of advance work and taking on expenses on your behalf. And they don’t require you to cover those things. You have no out-of-pocket expenses in this process.

A Lawyer is There to Help Your Case

Whether it’s a car accident or some other form of personal injury, an Evansville personal injury lawyer is there to help you. Choose someone with a proven track record of success with cases similar to yours and let them take some of the burden off your shoulders.

You deserve compensation for your injuries, and they can help you through every step of the process.