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A Pedestrian Was Killed by a MARTA Bus in Atlanta

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that a MARTA bus had hit and killed a person in Atlanta. 

The victim was a pedestrian crossing MLK Drive when he or she was struck and killed by a MARTA bus, according to investigators. The victim was already dead when emergency crews arrived. The bus driver is currently facing criminal prosecution for his actions. Click here to learn more today. 

Record Number of Americans Killed While Walking

In 2018, there was a 3% rise in the number of pedestrian fatalities compared to the previous year. The number of pedestrian fatalities in the United States reached an all-time high not seen since 1990.

Based on GHSA's projections, the number of pedestrian fatalities will rise by five percent in 2019. The paper investigated a number of potential causes for the nationwide increase in pedestrian fatalities. Considerations such as these were taken into account:

  • Distracted driving, the need for improved pedestrian crossings, the proliferation of mobile phone use, and
  • The rising popularity of SUVs means more of them are out and about on the highways.

If I Am Injured by a Car, What Should I Do?

In the event that you are struck by a vehicle while walking, you should respond as you would to any other accident. You can reach police and medical personnel by dialing 911.

Multiple witnesses to a pedestrian collision are common. Put out a call for people's names and numbers. Have anyone who may have recorded the incident submit it to you.

Never put off seeing a doctor. Getting checked out right away increases your chance of getting compensated for a pedestrian accident. The health and legal standing you have gained from your injury could be jeopardized if you have to wait too long to receive treatment.

Stick to the course of treatment that your doctor has prescribed. In the event of an injury, do not pay out any money until you have seen a doctor and received treatment. Until you get checked out by a doctor, you won't know how serious your wounds really are.

Before giving any statements or signing any documents for the insurance company, you should consult with a pedestrian accident lawyer. Insurance adjusters will offer you the lowest possible settlement in order to avoid paying out any money. Having legal representation ensures that your rights to financial compensation following a pedestrian accident are upheld.