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5 Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuit Myths Debunked

Personal injury accident victims often suffer great pain and need help pursuing the insurance company or at-fault party for fair compensation. Those who have never been through a personal injury claim often believe myths that continue to be perpetuated. Dispelling these myths is critical for helping victims face the truth and resolve their claims.

What Is a Personal Injury?

Personal injuries can be physical, mental, or reputational. Negligence is the most common cause of personal injuries, but direct actions can also result in these claims. Many personal injury victims need help from an idaho personal injury lawyer to get the fair compensation owed.

Five Personal Injury Claims and Lawsuit Myths

So many myths and misconceptions continue to be spread among personal injury victims. Unfortunately, some of these myths can be damaging and prevent victims from taking the appropriate action. The following are some top personal injury lawsuit myths people continue to believe.

Minor Injuries Do Not Require a Personal Injury Claim

Here, you will find one of the most harmful myths perpetuated about personal injury in society today. Many people do not seek injury claims because they feel their injuries are not severe enough to warrant such an action. Regardless of the severity of the injuries, victims should always be evaluated by a medical doctor. Everyone deserves fair compensation for their injuries, regardless of the severity.

Injured Victims with Insurance Do Not Need a Lawyer

Your insurance has no bearing on whether you need legal assistance. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not fight for the rights of policyholders. They protect their bottom line. Getting help from a lawyer is critical for protecting your rights and best interests after an accident.

Victims Can File Personal Injury Claims Any Time

The statute of limitations limits the time injured victims have to file a claim. Victims must learn about the statute of limitations to take appropriate action. Hiring a lawyer will help you stay on track within the timeframe of the statute of limitations in your state.

Suing Someone Ruins Their Lives

Some refuse to sue the person causing their injuries because they do not want to ruin a life. Victims cannot worry about the implications of suing the responsible party. The victim must put their health and well-being before anyone else.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Means You Are Greedy

Injured victims should never be accused of being greedy. Unfortunately, this is a stigma often attached to personal injury lawsuits. Injured victims should not feel ashamed for taking action to receive the fair compensation they are owed for their measurable damages.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting started begins with scheduling a consultation appointment with a personal injury lawyer. Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultation appointments to help new clients.

During the consultation, injured victims can learn more about their rights and the best options for legal recourse. The injury lawyer will represent their client throughout the process and work to get the fairest outcome possible. Because the statute of limitations clock is constantly ticking, now is an opportune time to take action and get legal help.

Personal injury claims are difficult to maneuver but become less stressful with proper legal representation. Getting help from a lawyer will guide injured victims in getting the outcomes they deserve.