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Top 25 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction

If you are worried about a DUI, or another DUI, getting on your record, here are some steps you can take to ensure you are not convicted of such a charge. If you have an impending Atlanta Municipal Court DUI Hearing, you should call a lawyer for assistance. Do NOT drive after you have been drinking – obviously! Even if you are driving a vehicle on your own property while intoxicated,... [Continue Reading]

Gun Violence In The US: The Statistics People Often Forget

You can’t miss the latest news to come out of the US. Gun Violence is on the increase. Much to the dismay of the Democratic party. Who are hoping to still get the bill passed for a crackdown on guns. But recently some of the news has been shocking. If it isn’t the mass shooting having taken place in Florida, then it's the racial gun shootings between armed police and citizens of... [Continue Reading]

What You Should Know about Filling for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case

Many people who struggled to pay their debt will seek the final resolution of filing for a bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can reduce the burden of your debt partially and it usually takes 3 – 5 years to repay it. You are to use your disposable income to pay for the debt in the Chapter 13 plan. The disposable income is the leftover after you have deducted your expenses. You should... [Continue Reading]

How DWI Attorneys Can Help You

Drunk driving is a serious crime yet so many people are treating it lightly. Because of this, the rate of DWI cases have increased rapidly all over the United States. So if you ever found yourself in the same situation, here’s what you should do. First, find a DWI lawyer. A DWI lawyer is a person that focuses on drunk driving cases in his law practice. With this, he or she has the most... [Continue Reading]

How to Hire the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Hiring the best criminal defense attorney for yourself or any of your close relative or friends is quite difficult, especially when you have so many options to choose from. So, how can you know which criminal defense lawyer is the best and which one is just average? Or who can fight your case with the best of his abilities? It is important to find a reputable lawyer whom you can trust.... [Continue Reading]

Partnering with a Legal Advocate after an Accident

When you have been hurt on the job, you may find yourself relatively isolated and without the support you need during your recovery. Your coworkers may hesitate to take your side against your employer for fear of losing their jobs. Even your boss may skirt the truth in a bid to protect the company. When you need to make a claim against your employer's insurance to help you pay your medical... [Continue Reading]

ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology trends is something that is necessary when looking at the entire law industry. We are faced with a field of activity where data is vital. You want to be sure that you speed up the entire process in order to be able to always make the correct decisions. As you can clearly see from the infographic presented here, the number of technological... [Continue Reading]

Choosing The Right DUI Lawyer for You

We all think that it may never happen to us, but getting a DUI isn't exclusive to certain people. Anybody is at risk of a DUI no matter how much they have had to drink. Instead of thinking you are free from ever needing a good criminal lawyer Oakland, you should learn how to research, interview, and find a good lawyer ahead of time. Preparation is always the best defense. Often... [Continue Reading]

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A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Dallas Explains Laws About Leaving ...
A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Dallas Explains Laws About Leaving ...

Criminal Defense Lawyer Asks – Should Being Poor Mean You Have To Stay In Jail?
If you have been charged with a crime and held in jail because you could not make bail, contact a Texas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. You have important rights. If your rights have been violated, the criminal defense lawyers at Broden ...

Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas Weighs In On The Other Federal Traffic Jam
All of this obscures a very basic issue: How is it a federal crime to cause a traffic jam, asks top criminal defense lawyer Helms? According to the federal prosecutors, the answer begins with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (the "Port ...

Mitchell A. Greenberg Examines Essentials of Criminal Defense Attorneys
"Not all lawyers practice criminal defense and, for your case, you want someone who knows the system and has handled cases like yours," stresses Greenberg. "Many excellent criminal defense lawyers handle civil cases, but not all civil trial lawyers are ...

Temporary job, major overhaul by Kindlon
Next month, Kindlon wrote, four public defenders and two lawyers in the Albany County alternate public defender's office will attend a National Criminal Defense College seminar in Atlanta on advanced cross-examination. Next summer, several defenders ...

No monitor for private defenders: San Mateo County adopts other financial recommendations for private criminal ...
No monitor for private defenders: San Mateo County adopts other financial recommendations for private criminal ...

Attorneys for Leawood payday loan mogul ask judge to drop some charges
In a motion filed Tuesday, Tucker's criminal defense attorneys asked a federal judge in New York to drop four of the nine criminal charges against the businessman and professional race car driver. Those four charges accuse Tucker of collecting on ...

Why Cooperman Isn't Facing Criminal Charges: QuickTake Q&A
While the corporate insider who allegedly gave nonpublic information to Cooperman may be cooperating with the government, some criminal defense lawyers say it would be hard to build a criminal case on the executive's testimony about the understanding ...

NY Bombing Suspect Represented by Outspoken Critic of Criminal Justice System
Since 2011, Mr. Patton has headed the non-profit Federal Defenders of New York. Before taking the job, he founded a trial-level criminal defense clinic at Stanford Law School and headed University of Alabama's defense clinic. Before then, he spent ...

Are Honolulu Prosecutors Covering Up Police Misconduct?
For years, criminal defense attorney Richard Holcomb has struggled to get the records on cops who lie, cut corners or find themselves crosswise with the law. Holcomb mostly handles DUI cases, and he regularly asks for officers' disciplinary files to ...

Putting renowned criminal defense lawyer Voyles on hot seat pays off for legal aid
So the criminal defense attorney best known for representing a who's who of famous clients thought ILAS board member and Frost Brown Todd LLC partner Tom Davis was making a sucker's bet when he asked Voyles be the guest of honor at a fundraising ...

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