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Top Twenty Questions to ask your Divorce Lawyer

Image Credit: Pixabay While it is hoped that these questions will be helpful to anyone who needs the advice, this is not to be confused with actual, real, legal advice. Will my divorce case go through the courts? Thinking about going through a court process can seem like a lot when it comes to couples who are going through divorce. If everything is resolved amicably, then the court... [Continue Reading]

Estate Planning 101

Do not be fooled by the term ‘estate planning’. You do not need to be wealthy to have an estate plan. In fact, if you have any assets at all and you wish to control what happens to them when you pass on, you will need an estate plan. Here is some detailed information to help you decide if an estate plan is right for you: What is an estate? An estate is made up of everything you... [Continue Reading]

Mistakes People Make After a DWI Arrest

Image Credit: Pixabay There are very strict laws against driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Still, people have confidence in themselves or make poor choices after drinking these beverages and end up getting caught while driving impaired. This means a Driving While Intoxicated charge, or a DWI. This charge can have a very serious impact on your life. It can result in the... [Continue Reading]

6 Ways to Avoid Financial Advisor Frauds and Scams

Image Credit: Pixabay There have been many stories over the past few years regarding financial advisors who scammed their clients. If you feel as though you were a victim, you may want to contact an Investment Fraud Attorney Los Angeles, as they are able to take on these cases to help you win back some of the money you lost. And if you are confused about whether or not you are being... [Continue Reading]

What Are The Defenses You Can Use In A Criminal Trial?

Being accused of a crime can impact the rest of your life, especially if you are found guilty. A criminal record can stop you from attaining goals set for your career and the standing you have in your community. There are only a few defenses that you can use when you stand trial for a criminal act. Choosing the right one is imperative to getting your life -- and your reputation -- back. It is... [Continue Reading]

How Fraud Laws Could Potentially Be Hurting The Seafood Industry

With a new administration in full swing, many of the old industry standards, rules, and regulations are getting a second look. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the EPA and FDA. What that will do to the seafood industry remains to be seen. 
Statistics show that in nearly 74% of the instances researched at sushi restaurants, consumers being offered anything from sea urchin to crab were... [Continue Reading]

Dui Arrest? What Not to Do in the First 48 Hours

If you have been arrested for a DUI, chances are you are undoubtedly stressed, worried, and trying to figure out what your next and best move should be. The first few days after your arrest are critical, and you must take the proper steps in order to ensure the best outcome. Every case has its own specific circumstances and complexities but there are a few things that you should try to avoid... [Continue Reading]

Miranda Rights: Understanding Why They're Read

A short paragraph could be the difference between freedom, and officers doing their jobs. While there’s growing speculation that accused person(s) shouldn’t have rights, the Constitution protects the fact that they do. There’s no shortage of terrible police brutality stories, even stories of retaliation against police. Could something as simple as knowing your rights save... [Continue Reading]

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Criminal Defense News

Longview lawyer to take helm of Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
The association provides assistance, support and continuing education for its members, in addition to serving as an advocate for fairness in criminal defense cases. Moore characterized its work as providing education and support to criminal defense ...

Trump wants Christie's criminal defense attorney to lead the FBI
The lawyer selected to be the next FBI director by President Donald Trump, Christopher Wray, billed New Jersey taxpayers more than $2 million for secretly helping Gov. Chris Christie avoid prosecution for his role in the Bridgegate scandal. Wray was ...

DA's criticism of court rules draws justice council's pushback ...
DA's criticism of court rules draws justice council's pushback ...

Tough-talking Trump defense lawyer says he's no 'snowflake'
The 76-year-old Washington lawyer, who retired from the firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld in 2014, brings criminal defense and government investigation experience to Trump's legal team. The team, led by New York lawyer Marc Kasowitz, is tasked ...

Criminal Defense Attorney John S. Hager Named to 2017 List of Florida Super Lawyers®
As a criminal defense attorney, he applies this invaluable insight when challenging the government's case against his clients. John is also admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, and has served two termed as a ...

Mike Pence Saying That Only Guilty People Hire Criminal Defense Attorneys Is Unproven Claim
Vice President Mike Pence saying that “only guilty people need to hire a criminal defense attorney” is an unproven claim. There is no strong evidence to suggest Pence made that statement. Where did this claim originate about guilty people hiring ...

Mike Pence Is Now Raising PAC Money For His Criminal Defense
You may recall, approximately a month ago it was revealed that Vice President Mike Pence had officially set up a political action committee (PAC), called “Great America Committee”. Initially many political pundits speculated that such action may have ...

The Truth About Being a Criminal Defense Attorney
Despite this negative public perception, Robert Foley and Dana Kinsella, criminal defense attorneys, got into the profession to serve the public. They formed the Minneapolis-based law firm, Kinsella and Foley Defense in November 2016 and are passionate ...

New Radio Jingle, i Want My Phone Call Dot Com, St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer Center™ (iWantMyPhoneCall ...
New Radio Jingle, i Want My Phone Call Dot Com, St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer Center™ (iWantMyPhoneCall ...

Area defense attorney faces criminal contempt hearing
Robert Isreal goes to trial on three counts of aggravated assault family violence. He is accused of striking and choking his girlfriend on multiple occasions from July 2014 to March 2015. At the time he was out on parole from a 1991 conviction for ...

The Man Who Secretly Taped Planned Parenthood Could Be Going ...
The Man Who Secretly Taped Planned Parenthood Could Be Going ...

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